For Generations Sake

March 15, 2018

There is a pit in my stomach that I can’t quite describe.  It screams run to the bathroom and throw up.  I experience both outrage and heartbreak.   I have Netflix’s documentary  Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution to thank for this horrible feeling.  It’s a must-see for all parents regardless your child's age.  We have front row seats to observe spring break on the beach and witness a generation moving towards free fall. It highlights the hookup culture and dehumanization of college men and women and shows the growing hopelessness this generation has in love and genuine human connection.  We are left brokenhearted; asking ourselves how we got to this point and what can be done to fight for the dignity this generation deserves. 



Several of the experts interviewed in the documentary point to cultural norms for males and females as the culprit for this new reality.  Boys are taught it’s macho to be strong and void of emotion.  Girls learn that beauty is just physical with no dimension of mind and soul.  In the documentary college men freely discuss their quest to sexually conquer as many females as possible.  They tell us they are elevated by peers when they demonstrate their ability to use women.


One of the young men in the documentary could hardly contain his laughter after he met and had sex with a female over the course of about  10 minutes.  He and his friends joked it would be one of many that night. Meanwhile his conquered lady was seen running off with her friend as if her most important job at that time was to be “unseen."  Young college females understand that sexual encounters will be largely void of emotional connection and long-term intimacy.  They must play the game for validation as a woman.  As a result, neither gender is searching for a genuine connection.  Instead, they seek a sexual experience void of emotion or commitment. No wonder they have lost hope in experiencing or finding lasting love.  


We need a reboot.  How can we expect our young adults to be empowered with self-dignity if we allow this model of gender identity and the resulting objectification?  Is it even possible to counter the messaging and to reinstate dignity? 


Real Worth Isn’t earned —

               It’s given at birth.


True beauty isn’t just defined by only the        physical-

               it’s body, soul, and mind. 



Cue a parent’s voice In this hyper-sexualized society, parents have to be a part of the conversation about real worth and true beauty.     We can't permit the culture to dictate our children's worth.  Let's teach our children that worth is given at birth by God and not something to seek from peers or the greater culture. Let them hear that true beauty isn't defined by only the physical but includes body, soul, and mind.  If we don't counter the culture norms with God's truth, we should expect nothing more than a spring break documentary becoming the new norm. When kids understand that others have no say in their worth and can’t define their beauty, they will have the freedom to become the person God intended. The freedom to seek real intimacy and lasting love.


Parents let's consistently speak God's truth and change the trajectory of a generation approaching free fall.  We have the power to reinstate this generation with hope to find real love and lasting commitment. Let's fight for the dignity this generation deserves.       





Click to watch a YouTube preview of Liberated






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