Parent Presentation

An Important Conversation in the Fight for Dignity

Parent Presentation


What it is:   A presentation about the messaging in the media, social media and pornography.  We will present statistics and offer tools for parents to help their children navigate our culture with dignity.  Starting the conversation with preteens and teens about social media and pornography is crucial and we will offer some guidelines from professionals on this topic.  



Who should attend:  Any parent interested in learning how these different media outlets are affecting teens socially and impacting their ability to form true connections. Parents of all aged children will benefit from hearing the data and negative impact of social media and pornography.



Who we are:  Culture 5:11 is a ministry bringing awareness to teens and parents about the counter-worthy messaging in the culture.  One of our initiatives has been working with schools to bring Fight the New Drug (FTND) to Colorado with the goal of educating teens on the harmful effects of pornography on their brain.  Another initiative has been meeting with parents to present statistics around the use of social media and pornography and offer guidelines from professionals on these topics.  Finally, our outreach to church youth ministers, high school principals and college administrators has helped us to better understand the current culture our youth face.  We love to have conversations with other parents about how to fight for the dignity this generation deserves.  


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